Improve Your Impact Equation with Chris Brogan

Chris BroganTo build your business should you be shoring up your weakness, or exploiting your strengths?

In this episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast, we explore where to put your focus, developing a platform, and owning the inbox. 

We’ll also talk about how to get your adoring audience to pony up for paid content after they’ve been lapping up all your free stuff, and where Ricky Gervais went wrong.

Plus, don’t forget to stick around for the end of the podcast for a special offer for TMAP listeners!

Big Ideas:

  • The Impact Equation: 

    Impact = C x (R + E + A + T + E)

    C= Contrast

    R = Reach

    E = Exposure

    A = Articulation

    T = Trust

    E = Echo

  • Play to your strengths. You need to look at each one of the elements in the Impact Equation, and determine where your strengths lie. Focus on those as they will have the biggest impact on your impact.
  • Get a platform. Without a platform you own, you don’t control your destiny.
  • Own the inbox. It’s where most of us start and end our day. It has its limitations (Google doesn’t care about it and there’s little social proof in an email delivered to you), but it’s a powerful one-on-one communications tool.
  • Create an emotional connection with you audience. Use storytelling to connect. Chris gave the example of the two types of recipe books, one that’s all about recipes, and one that tells a backstory.

Show Notes:

  • The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: See Chris Brogan keynote the 2nd annual conference all about search, social & mobile marketing! Save $25 on your physical or digital pass with the discount code TMAP. 
  • Chris Brogan: Where you can find all things Broganesque. 
  • 30/30: Chris recommends this powerful productivity app for iOS.
  • Work Like You’re On VacationA six week course delivered via email, run through Chris’s Human Business Works (by friend Rob Hatch), that provides you with a framework for more focused, productive work habits that are based on how YOU work. 
  • Marvel Unlimited: Think Netflix for Marvel Comics. 

Rich Brooks
Strengthening My Strengths

Derek Halpern on List Building and Online Marketing

Derek Halpern of Social TriggersHey, my Pretty Links is all funky! So here’s where you’ll find the Jon Wuebben interview until I get this fixed. 🙂

Growing your business online isn’t about knowing the latest Twitter tricks, SEO hacks, or secrets of Pinterest.

In this week’s episode of The Marketing Agents podcast, Derek Halpern shares with us some of the psychological and social triggers that we can use to reach a wider audience and build our business.

Big Ideas:

  • Differentiate yourself. Even in a crowded marketplace, you can stand out. There were thousands of marketing blogs when Derek started up Social Triggers, but he studied the competition and found an angle that none of them were covering.
  • Don’t rely on SEO. You can’t control Google or the Google algorithm. Use best practices, but focus on social triggers that get people to share your content with their network.
  • Email list building is critical. You can’t transfer Facebook friends to Twitter. You don’t own your followings on social networks. But you own your list. Put all your focus on building your email list.

Show Notes:

The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! Early bird tickets available through 7/31/2013.

Social Triggers, Derek Halpern’s critically important marketing blog, is where you can learn more, dig deeper, and sign up for his email list.