7 Steps to YouTube Marketing Success…Guaranteed

How to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing ResultsHow to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing ResultsVideo can engage your audience like no other online medium. By posting your video to YouTube, leveraging its suite of powerful marketing tools, and accessing its global audience, you’ve created a weapon of mass attraction.

However, you need to get a few things right to maximize your results. If you’re interested in learning how to win at YouTube marketing, read on.

A few years ago when I was preparing for my first YouTube presentation, I looked at the traffic YouTube was sending our way. What I discovered Blew. Me. Away.  Keep reading!

YouTube Marketing: Creating External Links to Your Website

How to Link to Your Website from Within a YouTube VideoHave you ever wanted to link to your website directly from within a YouTube video? Then this post is for you.

Dear Rich,

I’ve recently starting using YouTube as part of my online marketing campaigns. I know I can  ask viewers to visit my website as part of the narrative, or create a link to my website (or landing page) in the description, but is there anyway to create a link from within the video?

–YouTubing in Eustice

Dear YouTubing,

If I had gotten this email a few months ago I would have said yes, but you’ll need to jump through a bunch of hoops and create overlay ads for your videos, something that can add quite a bit of time to your video marketing.

If I had gotten this email a few weeks ago I would have said yes, but you’ll need to use some 3rd party software.

But, I got this email this week, and so I can answer YES!  Keep reading!