How to Run a Successful Podcast – @sheagunther

Shea-Gunther-PinterestPodcasting has been a steadily growing way of connecting with your audience. Especially since these podcast audiences have changed over the years and now more closely resemble mainstream media consumers.

So now that you’ve finally decided to start a podcast, what comes next? How do you plan to monetize it? Should you seek out sponsors to help fund the program? What kind of advertising will you use to promote the podcast? Will you need to spend a fortune on equipment in order to launch a successful podcast?

Shea Gunther is one of the creative minds behind the Marijuana Today podcast. He has dealt with all of these issues and more when launching his podcast. He shares with us his tips, ideas, knowledge and first hand experience at starting a podcast from conception to launch.

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Your Small Business Podcast with @jaredeasley

Jared-Easley-PinterestWhether you’re currently a podcaster or just thinking of starting one, you’re probably aware of how much competition there is out there right now. What you need to do is find something that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Something that will gain you visibility, attract an audience and turn them into customers.

Learning how to attract the widest audience can take some fine tuning. One way is to include those listeners that are perhaps new to the podcast world by removing some of the normal barriers to allow these first-timers to find you and listen with ease. Offering a format that is slightly different than the norm can also attract listeners as well as help you to engage them in a way that allows for future dialogue to continue.

Jared Easley has become the “podcasting guru”. In the past couple of years he has started a podcast – which was featured on and Huffington Post – written a book and co founded the first international podcasting conference, Podcast Movement.

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James Wedmore on YouTube Marketing [Podcast]

James Wedmore: YouTube Marketing PodcastWant to appear on page one of search results and increase your conversion rates? The secret is YouTube marketing, and in the first episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast, James Wedmore shares all.

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Show Notes:

The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join James Wedmore and dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! Early bird tickets available through 7/31/2013.

How to review a podcast on iTunes: Coming soon! The best place to get free images for your business blog, website or slide deck. 

Google Keyword Tool: How to find the right keywords for your video.

James Wedmore’s YouTube channel: Be sure to check out James’s favorite place to hang out online and subscribe to his channel. James’s site.