Your Blogging Questions Answered – @therichbrooks

The-Rich-Brooks-PinterestWhether you’re a veteran blogger or new to the world of blogging, the same goals apply: find, reach and engage your readers, and turn them into eventual customers. You achieve this success by building your readership and email lists, for starters. But how exactly do we do that?

The Marketing Agents Podcast host, Rich Brooks, reaches into the mailbag to discuss vital aspects of blogging including; creating value for your audience, keyword research, consistency, guest blogging, promotion using various social media platforms, as well as weighing in on how much value we should really be putting on blog comments.

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How to Run a Successful Podcast – @sheagunther

Shea-Gunther-PinterestPodcasting has been a steadily growing way of connecting with your audience. Especially since these podcast audiences have changed over the years and now more closely resemble mainstream media consumers.

So now that you’ve finally decided to start a podcast, what comes next? How do you plan to monetize it? Should you seek out sponsors to help fund the program? What kind of advertising will you use to promote the podcast? Will you need to spend a fortune on equipment in order to launch a successful podcast?

Shea Gunther is one of the creative minds behind the Marijuana Today podcast. He has dealt with all of these issues and more when launching his podcast. He shares with us his tips, ideas, knowledge and first hand experience at starting a podcast from conception to launch.

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Your Small Business Podcast with @jaredeasley

Jared-Easley-PinterestWhether you’re currently a podcaster or just thinking of starting one, you’re probably aware of how much competition there is out there right now. What you need to do is find something that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Something that will gain you visibility, attract an audience and turn them into customers.

Learning how to attract the widest audience can take some fine tuning. One way is to include those listeners that are perhaps new to the podcast world by removing some of the normal barriers to allow these first-timers to find you and listen with ease. Offering a format that is slightly different than the norm can also attract listeners as well as help you to engage them in a way that allows for future dialogue to continue.

Jared Easley has become the “podcasting guru”. In the past couple of years he has started a podcast – which was featured on and Huffington Post – written a book and co founded the first international podcasting conference, Podcast Movement.

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How Podcasting Grows Your Small Business – Jaime Tardy

Jaime-Tardy-PinterestA lot of small businesses struggle with getting a grasp on podcasting. Do you know how to identify your target market so you can start a relevant podcast?

Do you know how to tie your blog or site into promoting and posting your podcast?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many small businesses don’t know how to use podcasting to increase their relevant content and promote it to their audience. That’s why we asked Jaime Tardy, podcasting pro and author of The Eventual Millionaire, in this week’s episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast.

Big Ideas:

  • What’s your martial arts of choice?
    • Pinan-Do. I’m a brown belt, second queue.
    • I can break three or four boards of wood with one hit!
  • How did you get started with your podcast?
    • I started a blog, but didn’t like writing, and my group suggested starting a podcast.
    • I do what I love instead of writing.
    • I’m much better at what I do now since I can express myself best with audio and video.
  • What made you choose video over audio?
    • One of my interviewees told me to do a video podcast, and that I should use my looks to help.
    • It helps me speak on camera and in person.
    • A lot of logistical things are better – Youtube, iTunes x2 (audio AND video), you get to see the guests a lot better.
    • It’s easier to make a connection with your guest.
    • Talking over people happens more in just audio – you don’t get the physical cues.
  • Podcasting seems to be an item small businesses struggle with. How should they get into that? Can you address their doubts?
    • Find out who your target market is – do they use podcasts or technology?
    • It’s an amazing way to create massive amounts content.
    • If your market does “get” digital media, then definitely do it.
    • iTunes and Stitcher are ways to get out to your audience.
    • Every interview I do is about 17,000 words of content.
    • You start to build your framework of what you want to talk about.
  • When you put your podcast together, how does that interact with your blog/site?
    • Your podcast does have to be a post, and iTunes and Stitcher will pick it up.
    • I use Libsyn for audio, but video can be maxed out quicker. The cost raises,.
    • I don’t use Amazon S3 since it’s based on data, and if you get a big audience you get a big bill.
  • What other ways can you let people know you have a podcast and to tune in?
    • You’re trying to get eyeballs, so try to get on the new and noteworthy list in iTunes. I got on that list and got 1,000 downloads a day!
    • It depends on your category and list.
    • If you already have a decent email list, it’s very similar to any other marketing plan. Have them subscribe as much as they can.
    • I have Millionaire Monday so they get a new post every week and they expect it.
    • Everyone listens on a different platform, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, YouTube, blog, etc.
  • When I post my podcast on Libsyn, do I have to take an extra step to put it on Soundcloud?
    • Soundcloud can be a host or aggregator.
    • You can set up your feed through Libsyn, and you should be able to auto-post to Soundcloud.
    • It depends on how your auto-publish settings are set.
  • Are you doing any Facebook or Twitter paid ads?
    • Most of my stuff is organic.
    • I do a lot of YouTube stuff, but no paid right now.
  • Are you monetizing your shows?
    • What I do is I make a point of saying I don’t want sponsorships on my show.
    • I do have one sponsor that doesn’t require me to mention them.
    • I have a link on my site, but I don’t have to mention it.
    • In general, I don’t do any specific ads on my podcast.
    • What I do is ask people to subscribe, signup, etc.
    • I’d rather have my audience go the route of buying my own products.
  • Blogs get comments, Facebook gets interactions, but podcasts are one of the least social platforms. How do you get engagement on your podcasts?
    • Most of the time people are listening to podcasts in the car, on a run, or not near a computer. It’s an effort to comment.
    • It doesn’t mean you’re not connecting with your audience, but the biggest difference is that you’re in their head. I’m technically in your head. The engagement level on a personal level is huge. It’s much more personal.
    • It makes a big engagement difference, but it’s hard to measure.
    • I gave away one of Michael Hyatt’s courses on the podcast, and required a comment, but it was a great success.
    • Incentives can bring people back to your site to engage or comment on your podcast.


    Once you get them to your site, the next step is to get them to subscribe once they’re there.

    • I have a bunch of lead magnets through LeadPages. One of the things that LeadPages does is put a specific lead magnet on a podcast transcript so they have to signup to get a transcript.
  • Your podcast helped you win a book deal. How did that all come about?
    • You can’t really pitch a book unless you know someone.
    • I made a goal to publish a book.
    • I chatted with a bunch of people for advice, and I realized I wanted to traditionally publish a book to be able to charge more for speaking deals.
    • My publisher noticed I already had a platform and audience. It’s about how big your audience is.
    • I talked to a few literary agents and found one great for my niche.
    • They told me that they liked me so much because I had a lot of press on TV and talk shows.


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How to Launch a Successful Podcast with John Dumas

John Dumas on PodcastingA podcast can help attract an audience, extend your reach and establish your credibility.

In this week’s episode, John Dumas shares how you can plan, launch and promote a successful podcast. There is an amazing amount of resources he talks to help make launching your podcast even easier, which are all listed down below.

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Big Ideas:

  • A podcast allows you to make a deeper connection with your audience than a blog, because they can hear your enthusiasm and passion.
  • A podcast allows you to literally get inside your ideal customer’s head while they’re doing simple tasks like commuting or climbing the stairmaster…letting them focus on what you’re saying.
  • A podcast is a subscription based model, meaning you can deliver fresh content to them without them having to return to your website to see if there’s anything new.

Show Notes:

  • The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! 
  • Voice123: A site to find professional voice overs. It’s like 99 Designs for VOs.
  • Fiverr: A site where you can find almost anyone to do almost anything for five bucks. Beware: you often get what you pay for. 
  • Audacity: Free software for editing a podcast.
  • GarageBand: Mac-based software for editing a podcast. (What we use here at The Marketing Agents.)
  • Adobe AuditionProfessional-level software from Adobe. It also comes as part of the Creative Cloud which gives you the full Adobe suite for $50/mo.
  • Call Recorder: An app that lets you record your audio and video on Skype for podcast interviews. 
  • LibsynHosting for your podcast. 
  • Amazon S3: Another hosting option for your podcast. Might be a better option if you do video podcasts.
  • Entrepreneur On FireJohn Dumas’s popular podcast about the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Podcast Launch: John’s amazing ebook that walks you through every step of launching your podcast and getting into New & Noteworthy.