Raising Money with Crowdfunding Expert – @clayhebert

Clay-Hebert-PinterestCrowdfunding is more than just  asking nicely for money to assist with financing your next project. There’s a certain finesse that you need to attribute to your campaign in order to be successful.

You need to learn how to successfully market your campaign, but instead, try thinking of how to do that from the bottom up. The most important part of any successful marketing campaign is to nail down exactly who your audience is, versus trying to connect with everyone. Once you figure out who your “tribe” is, you need to start a buzz that garners their interest months before you even launch your crowdfunding campaign.

As a crowdfunding expert, Clay Hebert helps people fund their dreams, having assisted over 100 entrepreneurs raise over $25 million for their projects. In this show, Clay shares some of his “hacks” and strategies for running not only a successful crowdsourcing campaign, but also setting up an effective “pre-campaign” to set you on the road to reaching your funding goal.

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How to Run Effective Social Ads – @socialchar

Charlotte-Redmann-PinterestIf you’re like the large majority of people spending a great deal of time on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, why not consider using them as an advertising tool for your business as well?

Digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook make tailoring your advertising content to a specific audience easy and direct. The key is in knowing how to customize your advertising to find just the right people that are going to engage and be interested in your content. By learning a few simple techniques, you can pinpoint the exact audience you need to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to make a buying decision for the products or services that you’re offering.

Charlotte Redmann helps savvy brand managers expand their marketing efforts using her vast skills and experience in social media and digital marketing. Charlotte was the first person hired to the internal digital media team at Beam Suntory, and led the digital efforts for Pinnacle Vodka, Skinnygirl Cocktails and Cruzan Rum.

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Marketing Lessons from a Sword Swallower – @roderickrussell

Roderick-Russell-PinterestWe’ve all wished at one time or another that we could read people’s minds in order to understand them better. But since that’s unlikely to happen in the near future, how else are we supposed to uncover the secrets of human behavior?

The message and impression that we give off dictates the type of clients and prospects that we attract. When we learn how to weed out the clients that aren’t a right fit for us, we’re able to choose our own clients versus letting them choose us.

Roderick Russell is a professional sword swallower, mind reader, stage hypnotist and speaker, who is driven by a desire to help others discover their own inner remarkable.

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How to Get More Out of Your Content Creation – @ginidietrich

Gini-Dietrich-PinterestTrying to come up with new content on a regular basis can become a frustrating task, especially considering how many outlets there are these days to provide content for: blog posts, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube…the list goes on.

Figuring out how to creatively repurpose some of your own content can be the key to not only invigorating new life into your work, but also giving you more bang for your buck. Once you realize it’s not about how much content you can create but rather about doing more research, polishing it more and then promoting it more using some creative techniques, you’ll find that taking one recent presentation that you created can actually provide you with material for a blog post, a podcast, a few Twitter posts and more.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communication firm in Chicago. Gini is an author, blogger, speaker and proven authority on such topics as creating content, building an online community and developing an online reputation, and is one of the top rated communication professionals on the social networks.

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The Marketing Agents Mailbag – @therichbrooks

Rich-Brooks-Pinterest-2015The Marketing Agents Podcast host, Rich Brooks, answers actual listener questions that have been sent in.  He advises on SEO and driving increased traffic to your website, how to advertise your business so it stands out in the crown and reminiscences on wise words issued from past guests of the show.  He also offers suggestions on one listener’s current website, in hopes that making a few changes will give them the boost in business that they are looking for.

“My question revolves around SEO and driving traffic to my website. If I understand correctly, all I have to do is look for keywords that have a high search rate per month that is related to the topic of my next blog and make the key phrase the title of the blog. I suppose in time this will help drive my targeted audience to my website. If this is true, then buying advertising through Google just quickens your ability to drive that traffic to you, is this correct?

I ask this because I’m trying to start my first online service and I have zero cash to invest in marketing. If my research serves me correctly, I should practice what I mentioned above, then use those same keywords in my Twitter feeds as well and somehow, magically, Google begins to send people my way. Please tell me I have finally figured this sorcery out.”

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