How to Use Google’s URL Builder for Better Website Traffic Reports

Google's URL Builder for Better Website Traffic ReportsGet better website traffic reports and insights by using Google’s URL Builder.

Do you want more information about how people found your blog?

Do you wish you knew exactly which tweet, which email, or which Facebook update brought a new customer to your website?

Although Google Analytics provides information on your site visitors, you can get even more helpful data by using Google’s URL Builder, a free tool that provides more tracking capabilities.

This article shows you how to setup Google’s URL builder and start gathering more critical information on how your marketing efforts are working. Keep reading!

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up in Google?

Why Can't I Find My Site At Google?Is your website invisible to Google? Are you losing traffic and business because Google doesn’t know you exist? If so, read on.

Dear Rich,

We recently launched our website but we’re getting virtually no traffic from Google, and people tell us they can’t find us when they search. 

What are we doing wrong, and how can we get into Google’s good graces?


Dear Invisible,

There are a number of reasons why you’re not finding yourself on Google, ranking well, or getting the traffic you deserve. These problems could be technical, content related, or both.

Are you truly invisible to Google, or are you just ranking poorly? Keep reading!

How to Use Google Analytics Filters for Better Reporting

How to Use Filters to Improve Google Analytics ReportsIn this Google Analytics training article, we show you how to setup a filter so that you can get more accurate reports and improve your web marketing.

Dear Rich,

I’ve been diving into Google Analytics lately and getting a lot of information about how people are finding our website and how they’re behaving once they get there. 

However, I’m concerned that a lot of the site traffic is actually coming from me and my co-workers. 

Is there a way for me to remove our website activity from Google Analytics?

–Busy in Buxton

Dear Busy,

It’s easy to filter out certain traffic in Google Analytics. Let me walk you through it. Keep reading!

What is a Keyword Analysis? What is Keyword Research?

How to Rank Higher Through Keyword AnalysisA keyword analysis (or keyword research) is the art and science of uncovering which keyword phrases your prospects are likely to use at Google or other search engines. 

Why is this important?

Because search engines are looking to return relevant results when someone performs a search. The closer the words on your web page, blog post or online video are to the search that was just performed, the more likely you are to rank higher for that search.  Keep reading!