How to Get More Out of Your Content Creation – @ginidietrich

Gini-Dietrich-PinterestTrying to come up with new content on a regular basis can become a frustrating task, especially considering how many outlets there are these days to provide content for: blog posts, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube…the list goes on.

Figuring out how to creatively repurpose some of your own content can be the key to not only invigorating new life into your work, but also giving you more bang for your buck. Once you realize it’s not about how much content you can create but rather about doing more research, polishing it more and then promoting it more using some creative techniques, you’ll find that taking one recent presentation that you created can actually provide you with material for a blog post, a podcast, a few Twitter posts and more.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communication firm in Chicago. Gini is an author, blogger, speaker and proven authority on such topics as creating content, building an online community and developing an online reputation, and is one of the top rated communication professionals on the social networks.

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Michael Stelzner On Creating Content That Grows Your Business

Michael StelznerHave you ever wondered if you can really grow your business through content creation? 

In this week’s episode, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and author of the book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, shares with us the secrets of how your business can create valuable content that will attract an audience and build your business.
From fire starters to different types of content fuel, you’ll discover how to grow your business by creating the right type of content.
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Big Ideas:

  • There are two types of content “fuel” that will propel your business to success: primary fuel and nuclear fuel.
  • Primary fuel can be used regularly and liberally. These include how-to’s, case studies, news and so on.
  • Nuclear fuel creates a big splash. These are in depth reviews, longer format content, industry surveys and more. They take too much time to create regularly, so space them out and consider using them if you’re trying to reach a goal for opt-ins or registrations.
  • Use “fire starters” to quickly build your reach. Fire starters are the people who have access to the audience you are targeting. 
  • To market your content without being pushy, consider looking for guest blogging opportunities to leverage existing audiences, as well as asking your current readers to share your content with their networks. 

Show Notes:

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