How To Double Your Email List Using These 6 Tactics on Facebook – Nathan Latka

Nathan LatkaUsing Facebook to help build your business brand is more than just getting “likes” on your page. But how do you take those “likes” and turn them into a true business asset?

By using 6 key elements when setting up your Facebook business fanpage, you can actually use this social media platform to drive engagement, capture emails and generate sales for your business. These elements have returned an incredible increase in conversion rates, which in turn means more revenue for your business.

Nathan Latka, CEO of Heyo, has become the “go to” guy for Facebook fanpage building. He’s devised a 6-step matrix for helping businesses double their email lists with Facebook campaigns and contests. These lists then become an asset that these businesses have no matter where they go in the future.

Rich Brooks:  Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast. Today we’ve got Nathan Latka on the show. Nathan is 24-year old founder and CEO of Heyo. Heyo is the most effective social media platform for small businesses looking to drive engagement, capture emails and generate sales on Facebook. Heyo did six figures its first year in business, and grew revenues 147% in its second year, while raising $2.5 million in funding. Heyo’s goal is to serve 500,000 customers by 2017 and maybe you’ll be one of them. Nathan, welcome to the show. Keep reading!

Create Knowledge Based Products for Leads and Profits with Denise Wakeman

Denise WakemanThere are plenty of benefits to creating knowledge based products…you can use them to establish your credibility, generate leads, and create additional streams of revenue for your business.

In this episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast, I speak with online marketing expert Denise Wakeman about two of her specialties: creating a business blog that generates leads and how to turn everyday content into knowledge-based products that people will be willing to pay for.

Whether you’ve been looking to build a powerful, lead-generating business blog, or create your first Kindle book, this episode has everything you need and more!

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Big Ideas:

  • Start with a blog. Too often businesses feel overwhelmed where to start with social media. Denise recommends a blog because it’s your home base, and unlike social media platforms, you own it.
  • Determine your topics first. Topics become categories and you should have five posts ready to go in each category before you start.
  • Use “social” to drive traffic and build your list. While you don’t own these channels, they are critical tools to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Create additional streams of income with knowledge-based products. Anything you’ve written or recorded can be turned into a product. Blog posts can be turned into a Kindle book. Interviews can become audio products. Transcripts of interviews can be turned into ebooks.

Show Notes:

  • The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Whether you come to Maine or watch in the comfort of your own home or office, be sure to check out the 2nd annual conference all about search, social & mobile marketing! Save $25 on your physical or digital pass with the discount code TMAP. 
  • EvernoteThe most popular tool for keeping track of ideas for blog posts (and everything else.)
  • Editorial Calendar (WordPress Plugin): Great for managing multiple authors, or just keeping track of upcoming posts for your own blog. 
  • Triberr: The network Denise uses to help promote blog posts and other topics. 
  • Denise WakemanBe sure to check out Denise’s home base and sign up for her newsletter!

Rich Brooks
Digital Marketing Consultant

Derek Halpern on List Building and Online Marketing

Derek Halpern of Social TriggersHey, my Pretty Links is all funky! So here’s where you’ll find the Jon Wuebben interview until I get this fixed. 🙂

Growing your business online isn’t about knowing the latest Twitter tricks, SEO hacks, or secrets of Pinterest.

In this week’s episode of The Marketing Agents podcast, Derek Halpern shares with us some of the psychological and social triggers that we can use to reach a wider audience and build our business.

Big Ideas:

  • Differentiate yourself. Even in a crowded marketplace, you can stand out. There were thousands of marketing blogs when Derek started up Social Triggers, but he studied the competition and found an angle that none of them were covering.
  • Don’t rely on SEO. You can’t control Google or the Google algorithm. Use best practices, but focus on social triggers that get people to share your content with their network.
  • Email list building is critical. You can’t transfer Facebook friends to Twitter. You don’t own your followings on social networks. But you own your list. Put all your focus on building your email list.

Show Notes:

The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! Early bird tickets available through 7/31/2013.

Social Triggers, Derek Halpern’s critically important marketing blog, is where you can learn more, dig deeper, and sign up for his email list.