How Small Business Can Still Succeed on Facebook – Rick Mulready

Rick-Mulready-PinterestWhat role can Facebook play in your online marketing campaigns? Are Facebook ads really that important if you’re a small business with a small advertising budget? The answer is YES!

Learn how to use Facebook ads to automate your business. By doing so, you can know exactly how many leads and sales you can expect for your business each day. Determining how to productively layer, filter and retarget your audience to create your perfect ‘custom audience’, will translate to dollar signs for your business as well as help build your list.

Rick Mulready wants you to master Facebook marketing so your business can thrive! Rick has turned 12 years of corporate internet advertising experience into teaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and businesses on their Facebook advertising and marketing strategies. By applying the same strategies used by some of the biggest names on the web, even small businesses can grow with super successful Facebook advertising.

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How To Double Your Email List Using These 6 Tactics on Facebook – Nathan Latka

Nathan LatkaUsing Facebook to help build your business brand is more than just getting “likes” on your page. But how do you take those “likes” and turn them into a true business asset?

By using 6 key elements when setting up your Facebook business fanpage, you can actually use this social media platform to drive engagement, capture emails and generate sales for your business. These elements have returned an incredible increase in conversion rates, which in turn means more revenue for your business.

Nathan Latka, CEO of Heyo, has become the “go to” guy for Facebook fanpage building. He’s devised a 6-step matrix for helping businesses double their email lists with Facebook campaigns and contests. These lists then become an asset that these businesses have no matter where they go in the future.

Rich Brooks:  Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast. Today we’ve got Nathan Latka on the show. Nathan is 24-year old founder and CEO of Heyo. Heyo is the most effective social media platform for small businesses looking to drive engagement, capture emails and generate sales on Facebook. Heyo did six figures its first year in business, and grew revenues 147% in its second year, while raising $2.5 million in funding. Heyo’s goal is to serve 500,000 customers by 2017 and maybe you’ll be one of them. Nathan, welcome to the show. Keep reading!

How Social Media Saved the Saco Drive-In

Ry RussellThe Saco Drive-In was at risk of going out of business. New movies were being released in digital format, requiring a nearly $100,000 investment in a digital projector.

However, Honda’s Project Drive-In was going to provide the needed projectors to five drive-ins around the country. Ry Russell, one of the owners of the Saco Drive-In went to work, leveraging social media to get the word out.

Hear how he used social media to save New England’s oldest drive-in in this episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast.

Big Ideas:

  • To save the Saco Drive-In, Ry needed to win a popularity contest by leveraging social media.
  • Honda was donating 5 digital projectors to drive-ins across country with contest.
  • The Saco Drive-In had 19,000 fans on Facebook, but the competition could pull from a bigger population compared to Saco, Maine.
  • In 4 weeks, the drive-in added 8,000 fans. The also alerted people through a regular dose of reminder posts, calls to votes, and asked people to just share the message to save New England’s oldest drive-in.
  • Ry also gave away free drive-in schwag, and added 250-500 shares per post. Each post reached 35-85k people!
  • To build up the fan base and list quickly, Ry spent $20-$40 on promoted posts on Facebook. Those promoted posts showed up in fans’ news feeds. It’s critical to get into the news feed, and spending money to get there was required.
  • When thinking of ads, promote your message and think of the Facebook news feed. It’s easy for fans to click “like” or share message. The drive-in asked people to share and contribute to “making history.” Shares skyrocketed because of this approach.
  • Many Facebook users see promotions as just part of regular news feed without standing out or being pushy.
  • Ry had to make it easy for people to access info for campaign. Got new website up and running and drove traffic with social media chatter. Had a sales page that encouraged a “partner” status for fans. They also mixed online with offline strategies.
  • Every marketing strategy should build commitment and open dialogue with fans/customer base.

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Real Life Success Stories: David Pride of “I Love Christmas”

David A. PrideHow do you build a community on Facebook? 

In a new feature on The Marketing Agents Podcast, we’re gathering “real life” success stories from some of our listeners. (And non-listeners, too; we’re not going to discriminate.)

The idea came about when my friend David Pride approached me at a Social Media Breakfast here in Maine to share with me some success he had building a community around his Facebook page for I Love Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I get very inspired by hearing about other people’s success using search, social or mobile marketing to reach their audience, engage their fans and generate more leads and revenue. (Makes me think I can do it, too!)

By the way, if you’ve got your own success story about how YOU used search, social or mobile to help accomplish your business goals, we’d love to hear it.

Head on over to our Success Stories form and let us know your story. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next success story we feature on The Marketing Agents Podcast!

Big Ideas:

  • Pick a subject you’re passionate about. David loves Christmas, so creating regular content about the topic is easy for him.
  • Create a community. Engage your audience with ongoing, regular content and get them to like, commend on, and share that content.
  • Turbocharge your page with advertising. You don’t have to spend much; David spends about $75/month in Facebook ads and quickly grew to 2,300 fans. (When I checked today he was up to 3,337!) That’s some great ROI.
  • Ask your community what’s OK. Whether it was a newsletter or an Amazon affiliate program, David asked permission first.

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Amy Porterfield on Facebook Marketing [Podcast]

Amy Porterfield Talks Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing is so important for many small businesses, yet success proves elusive. 

In this episode, Amy Porterfield, one of the world’s leading experts on Facebook marketing and list building, stops by to share her secrets for building your brand on Facebook.

We’ll discuss building your fan base, getting them to subscribe to an email newsletter, and turning likes into leads.

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Show Notes:

The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! Early bird tickets available through 7/31/2013.

Paper.liCreate virtual newspaper based on your Twitter lists.

What is In this post we delve deeper into

How to Get More Followers with In this post we look at how to use to reach a wider audience. 

Custom Audiences: Upload your existing email list to find out who is already on Facebook and target ads to them. Check out this post by Victoria Gibson at Social Fresh.

AmyPorterfield.comBe sure to check out Amy’s website to learn more about Facebook marketing, list building and everything you need to grow your business.