How Small Business Can Still Succeed on Facebook – Rick Mulready

Rick-Mulready-PinterestWhat role can Facebook play in your online marketing campaigns? Are Facebook ads really that important if you’re a small business with a small advertising budget? The answer is YES!

Learn how to use Facebook ads to automate your business. By doing so, you can know exactly how many leads and sales you can expect for your business each day. Determining how to productively layer, filter and retarget your audience to create your perfect ‘custom audience’, will translate to dollar signs for your business as well as help build your list.

Rick Mulready wants you to master Facebook marketing so your business can thrive! Rick has turned 12 years of corporate internet advertising experience into teaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and businesses on their Facebook advertising and marketing strategies. By applying the same strategies used by some of the biggest names on the web, even small businesses can grow with super successful Facebook advertising.

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