Real Life Success Stories: David Pride of “I Love Christmas”

David A. PrideHow do you build a community on Facebook? 

In a new feature on The Marketing Agents Podcast, we’re gathering “real life” success stories from some of our listeners. (And non-listeners, too; we’re not going to discriminate.)

The idea came about when my friend David Pride approached me at a Social Media Breakfast here in Maine to share with me some success he had building a community around his Facebook page for I Love Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I get very inspired by hearing about other people’s success using search, social or mobile marketing to reach their audience, engage their fans and generate more leads and revenue. (Makes me think I can do it, too!)

By the way, if you’ve got your own success story about how YOU used search, social or mobile to help accomplish your business goals, we’d love to hear it.

Head on over to our Success Stories form and let us know your story. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next success story we feature on The Marketing Agents Podcast!

Big Ideas:

  • Pick a subject you’re passionate about. David loves Christmas, so creating regular content about the topic is easy for him.
  • Create a community. Engage your audience with ongoing, regular content and get them to like, commend on, and share that content.
  • Turbocharge your page with advertising. You don’t have to spend much; David spends about $75/month in Facebook ads and quickly grew to 2,300 fans. (When I checked today he was up to 3,337!) That’s some great ROI.
  • Ask your community what’s OK. Whether it was a newsletter or an Amazon affiliate program, David asked permission first.

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