Amy Porterfield on Facebook Marketing [Podcast]

Amy Porterfield Talks Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing is so important for many small businesses, yet success proves elusive. 

In this episode, Amy Porterfield, one of the world’s leading experts on Facebook marketing and list building, stops by to share her secrets for building your brand on Facebook.

We’ll discuss building your fan base, getting them to subscribe to an email newsletter, and turning likes into leads.

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Show Notes:

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Paper.liCreate virtual newspaper based on your Twitter lists.

What is In this post we delve deeper into

How to Get More Followers with In this post we look at how to use to reach a wider audience. 

Custom Audiences: Upload your existing email list to find out who is already on Facebook and target ads to them. Check out this post by Victoria Gibson at Social Fresh.

AmyPorterfield.comBe sure to check out Amy’s website to learn more about Facebook marketing, list building and everything you need to grow your business.