Your Blogging Questions Answered – @therichbrooks

The-Rich-Brooks-PinterestWhether you’re a veteran blogger or new to the world of blogging, the same goals apply: find, reach and engage your readers, and turn them into eventual customers. You achieve this success by building your readership and email lists, for starters. But how exactly do we do that?

The Marketing Agents Podcast host, Rich Brooks, reaches into the mailbag to discuss vital aspects of blogging including; creating value for your audience, keyword research, consistency, guest blogging, promotion using various social media platforms, as well as weighing in on how much value we should really be putting on blog comments.

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How to Run a Successful Podcast – @sheagunther

Shea-Gunther-PinterestPodcasting has been a steadily growing way of connecting with your audience. Especially since these podcast audiences have changed over the years and now more closely resemble mainstream media consumers.

So now that you’ve finally decided to start a podcast, what comes next? How do you plan to monetize it? Should you seek out sponsors to help fund the program? What kind of advertising will you use to promote the podcast? Will you need to spend a fortune on equipment in order to launch a successful podcast?

Shea Gunther is one of the creative minds behind the Marijuana Today podcast. He has dealt with all of these issues and more when launching his podcast. He shares with us his tips, ideas, knowledge and first hand experience at starting a podcast from conception to launch.

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How To Write & Publish Your Business Book – @YourBookYourWay

Rich-Mintzer-PinterestDo you have a strong desire to write a book but aren’t exactly sure where to start? Are you trying to decide whether self publishing or a larger publishing house is the best option for you? Unsure of where to even start with the basic writing process?

81% of Americans feel they have a book in them just waiting to be written. Sadly, the process overwhelms many and the books never get written. But there are people and resources that can help you through the process and guide you not only through the writing process but the task of building your platform of future customers, marketing and building your brand and credibility.

Rich Mintzer is a professional ghost writer who has helped many aspiring authors reach their goal of bringing their stories to print. His talent and expertise in writing and publishing books have generated sales and brand exposure for companies and individuals alike. These steps from Rich will show you how to publish your own book

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How To Monetize Your Website – @ccmaine

Chrystie-Vachon-PinterestAre you one of those lucky people with a knack for spotting the next up and coming trend? Have you got a great idea but aren’t sure exactly what to do with it? Websites and blogs can not only give you a creative outlet to share your ideas, but you can make money from them, too.

Once you figure out what your niche is and who the audience is that you’re trying to reach, you need to figure out how to monetize that to ensure all this hard work pays off. And then when the fad fades or your interest moves on to something else, what do you do with the successful site that you’ve created and spent so much time building up?

Chrystie Vachon has successfully launched, built up and sold for profit multiple websites in the financial and pop culture lifestyle spaces. Her gift for trendspotting, coupled with her content marketing and social skills, have made her a successful and savvy entrepreneur.

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Small Business Mentoring – @TheClayClark

Clay-Clark-PinterestMaybe your small business is doing well, but you just seem to be lacking something that will take it to the next level. Maybe a mentor can help you out.

Imagine having an inside track to some of the greatest minds in business today, and the ability to ask them for some of their secrets to success. It may be easier than you think. Mentoring is a fantastic resource that can help change your life by providing you with the best business training and entrepreneurial education tools and building mutually beneficial sustainable relationships.

Clay Clark launched the online mentoring website, Thrive15, with the goal that every entrepreneur and business person can have a business mentor in their pocket who is their own success story. Clay enthusiastically shares how he got some of the most influential and respected minds in business to share their stories and advice with him, and encourages you to do the same.

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