How To Write & Publish Your Business Book – @YourBookYourWay

Rich-Mintzer-PinterestDo you have a strong desire to write a book but aren’t exactly sure where to start? Are you trying to decide whether self publishing or a larger publishing house is the best option for you? Unsure of where to even start with the basic writing process?

81% of Americans feel they have a book in them just waiting to be written. Sadly, the process overwhelms many and the books never get written. But there are people and resources that can help you through the process and guide you not only through the writing process but the task of building your platform of future customers, marketing and building your brand and credibility.

Rich Mintzer is a professional ghost writer who has helped many aspiring authors reach their goal of bringing their stories to print. His talent and expertise in writing and publishing books have generated sales and brand exposure for companies and individuals alike. These steps from Rich will show you how to publish your own book

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