• Cindy Bonnette

    I am absolutely not social media savy.  You do a good job of putting things in lay person terms but I still have a tough time follow some of it. 
    I do have what I think is a basic FB question.  I could never get my FB business page to come up when I would put the shop name after “.com/”  It always had a string of numbers.  Now I find that someone on facebook has stolen my shop name.  Feeling very frustrated at this point.

    • Cindy, 

      Thanks for leaving a comment. What you want is a “vanity URL.” To get one on Facebook you need to go to https://www.facebook.com/username

      Unfortunately, it sounds like someone already grabbed yours up. 🙁

      Not much you can do about that, except come up with a similar name. Kind of like why I’m @therichbrooks on twitter and not @richbrooks. Someone staked out their claim first. 

      • Cindy Bonnette

        Thank you for the link to set up the “vanity” URL Got it taken care of.  Not the way I would have preferred, but done.   I appreciate the information.

  • Great tips Rich. I posted a presentation on SlideShare this weekend and got a couple thousand views in two days. I added audio to make it more engaging. I also added and intro and additional content at the end and re-purposed the audio for my podcast. I was so impressed with the results that I’m going to use that strategy every time I upload a presentation.

    Looking forward to your podcast! 
    btw – I think you embedded the wrong slide deck here in the post.

    • Wow! That’s great to hear, Ileane!

      Thanks for the heads up on the slideshare…I swapped it out. I think I grabbed the code for my “slide shelf” which pulls in all the slides, featuring the most recent upload.