How to Launch a Successful Podcast with John Dumas

John Dumas on PodcastingA podcast can help attract an audience, extend your reach and establish your credibility.

In this week’s episode, John Dumas shares how you can plan, launch and promote a successful podcast. There is an amazing amount of resources he talks to help make launching your podcast even easier, which are all listed down below.

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Big Ideas:

  • A podcast allows you to make a deeper connection with your audience than a blog, because they can hear your enthusiasm and passion.
  • A podcast allows you to literally get inside your ideal customer’s head while they’re doing simple tasks like commuting or climbing the stairmaster…letting them focus on what you’re saying.
  • A podcast is a subscription based model, meaning you can deliver fresh content to them without them having to return to your website to see if there’s anything new.

Show Notes:

  • The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference: Join dozens of marketing experts for the 2nd annual Agents of Change conference! In Portland, Maine, or online! 
  • Voice123: A site to find professional voice overs. It’s like 99 Designs for VOs.
  • Fiverr: A site where you can find almost anyone to do almost anything for five bucks. Beware: you often get what you pay for. 
  • Audacity: Free software for editing a podcast.
  • GarageBand: Mac-based software for editing a podcast. (What we use here at The Marketing Agents.)
  • Adobe AuditionProfessional-level software from Adobe. It also comes as part of the Creative Cloud which gives you the full Adobe suite for $50/mo.
  • Call Recorder: An app that lets you record your audio and video on Skype for podcast interviews. 
  • LibsynHosting for your podcast. 
  • Amazon S3: Another hosting option for your podcast. Might be a better option if you do video podcasts.
  • Entrepreneur On FireJohn Dumas’s popular podcast about the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Podcast Launch: John’s amazing ebook that walks you through every step of launching your podcast and getting into New & Noteworthy.
  • Wow Rich, you are quite the host and I was honored to be on…thank you again!

  • Roger Graves

    Yes, Rich great job! Cool interview with John Dumas – you guys lit it up!!! Thanks for the stories and all the advice. Keep it up!

  • lfaux

    I think John’s Podcast Launch book is priced too low. I’m a huge EOFire fan and I probably would have paid $29 for the book and videos as fast as I paid $5. Maybe he’s done pricing tests and knows better, but I think the book is a steal right now. Great information in one place from someone who’s done it successfully.

    • Agreed. The book would be a steal at $99 in terms of the amount of time and effort it saves the beginning podcaster. However, at $5 it’s a great way for John to recoup his time and effort, and build his list. In short: it’s a great marketing tool. 🙂

  • Darrin Harr

    I want to start doing podcasts for my blog. While searching for info, I found The Marketing Agents and listed to this podcast. Yes, I’ll be getting John’s book! Sounds like it will have what I need to make a successful podcast. 🙂

    • Darrin,

      That’s great! John’s book is a must read for getting your podcast up and running quickly.

      • Darrin Harr

        I got the book last night. All I can say is WOW! There is so much stuff I had no idea about when it comes to actually launching the podcast. For $5, a starting podcaster would be stupid NOT to get the book. Thanks.