The Changing Landscape of Social Media – Rick Calvert

Rick-Calvert-PinterestPosting and producing consistent, quality content will catch Google’s favor. But is there room for more content?

Do you know how to produce great, relevant content for your audience?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many small businesses aren’t aware of tools and resources they could be using to increase their sales and leads. That’s why we asked Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder of New Media Expo to show us how with some advice and a special discount to NMX 2014, in this week’s episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast.

Big Ideas:

  • Have the tools changed that much?
    • Yes and no.
    • The audience is still about 50/50 divided between business people and content creators.
    • When NMX began, Twitter, Vine, Google+, and Pinterest didn’t exist and MySpace was king.
    • Podcasting and web video have grown.
    • Real quality, long-form content exists now.
  • Is the “Digital Land Rush” over?
    • 3 blog posts per week isn’t realistic now – it did make sense back then though.
    • Different verticals are more crowded than others, but the landscape has changes.
    • If you post and produce new, relevant content, Google will notice.
    • Spend 10% making the content, and 90% marketing it.
    • The “get in now” mentality is not true.

    Look at Derek Halpern and John Lee Dumas – they started from scratch a year or two ago and are now very successful. There’s ALWAYS room for quality content.

  • Any advice on how to get new people to interview?
    • People like to be interviewed. Almost anyone will say “yes.”
    • The more you ask, the better you get at it.
    • Analyze what you did in the past and adapt/change for next time.
    • Explain to them why an interview is worth their time.
    • Making contact is the first step.
    • The worst they can say is, “no.”
  • Are you seeing any trends in who wants a booth at NMX?
    • NMX is definitely a reflection of the industry.
    • You can be there for a day to learn the major players, trends, fads, or influential people – this is why I like conferences.
    • Vine content marketing is definitely up-and-coming.
    • Video and podcasting are growing.
    • Networks that connect bloggers with brands and help them look at profiles to make decisions are becoming popular.
  • Is there truly a podcast renaissance?
    • It’s a tiny bubble in social media marketing, but yes.
    • There’s a critical mass coming, but not yet there.
    • Norm Pattiz, big time radio advertiser, started PodcastOne and believes podcasts will become as big as syndicated radio.
    • Once it becomes normal and easy for people to use, then it’ll be the standard.
    • Podcasts have more control and social media monitoring than traditional radio.
  • Any advice or tips on making a quality podcast?
    • Don’t make your podcast a half-hour informercial about yourself or your business.
    • Give tips for your industry on the best tools, best practices.
    • Interview for valuable content and your audience will see you as a reputable source.
    • Tell your audience what to think about.
    • People are geeky about all sorts of things, so cater to that part of your audience by talking about specs, details, numbers, tech info, etc.
    • Create as much content as you’d like, but make sure it leads to sales or conversions.
    • Decide who your ideal customer is and make content for them.
  • Why should we be in Las Vegas at NMX in January 2014?
    • If you’re a small business owner who wants to better your content marketing, mobile marketing, or social media marketing.
    • It’s the biggest, best conference with the smartest industry people in the world.
    • People from all verticals will be there, like: Amanda Bain, Amber J. Lawson, Amy Lupold Bair, Andrew Vahl, Amy Porterfield, and many others.
    • You’ll get a 360˚ view of the social media world.
    • So many helpful people will be there to connect with and will be willing to help you.
    • You can make great connections inside and outside the conference.

    Any final advice?

    • Get out there and meet people whenever you can.
    • Talk with your peers in real life – it makes a difference. It’s an important part of your ongoing business growth.

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