6 Facebook Myths Worth Debunking

Facebook Myths“How do I get more Facebook fans?” is a question I hear from a lot of small businesses and non-profits these days.

In fact, I was looking through the analytics of flyte’s web marketing blog to see what the most popular search terms were, and a lot were focused on “growing a Facebook fan base,” “how do I get more Facebook fans,” and–sadly, “how to buy Facebook fans.”

Here’s the thing: it may not be in your best interest to get more Facebook fans. 

People believe a lot when it comes to Facebook marketing because they’ve read it on the web or they’ve heard it from friends.

Here are five myths about Facebook and Facebook marketing that need to be debunked so that you can grow your business with Facebook…or without it.  Keep reading!

The 13 Secrets of Successful Facebook Marketing for Small Business

Facebook Marketing for Small BusinessChances are, if you’re a small business or non-profit, you’re doing some Facebook marketing. As the world’s most popular social media platform, it’s likely your audience spends some time there every day.

But like many other marketers, you may be struggling with how to build a fan base, engage your audience, turn fans into customers, all while running your small business.

If that’s the case, read on! This article will help you optimize your Facebook marketing so that you can build your business. Keep reading!