Business Lessons from a Suitcase Entrepreneur – Natalie Sisson

Natalie-Sisson-PinterestToo many small businesses remain stationary and inflexible. Natalie preaches freedom.

Freedom to build a new lifestyle around your business can save your audience time and money. 

In today’s episode, we turn to small business entrepreneur expert Natalie Sisson, who has used social media to grow her own business, and help her audience grow theirs.

We talk about multiple income streams, when and how to market your online and offline products, strategies for building your email list, and tools to save time and make money.

Big Ideas:

How did you become the Suitcase Entrepreneur?

  • Had 8 years of corporate marketing & branding experience co-founded a tech start-up.
  • Started blogging about the art of entrepreneurship.
  • Packaged knowledge and skills online, and ran a social media workshop.
  • Took business on the road and combined love of travel.

What do you say to people that doubt you?

  • I just preach the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and where you want.
  • Suitcase Entrepreneur is about teaching your community to use their time and money in a different way to build a new business and lifestyle.

What are your multiple streams of income?

  • Online and in-person bootcamps that can be purchased online or as ebooks.
  • Coaching groups or one-on-one via Skype while recording each session for later use.
  • Product recommendations to build up credibility and trust with audience.
  • Sponshorships for podcasts, products, and other offerings as value for community.

How do you figure out what content to create, what are your steps, and how do you market it?

  • Survey your audience on their biggest challenges and issues and then address it in your content.
  • Try to create something practical while using your past skills and experience.
  • Give yourself time to properly launch your content.
  • Market your product before, during, and after you post it.
    • Make info promoting content beforehand in your site banners, opt-in forms, emails, blog posts, etc.
    • Make a launch period for early bird or loyalty discounts.
    • Consistently talk about your new or current content and reference it after it’s posted.
  • Try to guest blog or create joint promotions with others to help expand your audience and be sure to give newcomers opt-in options.
  • Partner with relevant people and networks.

What are your tactics/strategies for collecting emails?

  • Email twice a week. Once about business and travel storytelling and once with a call-to-action.
  • Put opt-in forms on your blog and try various places and messages to test what works well.
  • No pop-ups! Being in people’s faces all the time doesn’t help, it hurts.
  • Don’t just say “sign up for my email list.” Give your audience a reason to trust you by including some motivation to sign up for more.
  • Listen to what your audience says and be yourself when creating emails.

Do you find you’re telling different stories based on your platform?

  • Not really.
  • Blog videos and podcasts are usually about creating freedom in your business and life.
  • Blog articles are more about specific topics.
  • Tends to use similar messages across all platforms, but will mix it up to see reaction and results.

How did you get writing gigs?

  • A bit of luck, but mostly through connections and past experience.
  • Be open to opportunities.
  • Join relevant networks to open up connections and options.
  • Was approached by Forbes after a past article was highlighted in a Forbes article.
  • Use HARO ( to make others aware of your expertise and use it to connect with clients and audience.

Contrary to expectations, Natlie’s blog posts and guest blog posts actually get more engagement than major publications!

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been to and want to go back?

  • Laos – It had the most intriguing and beautiful spirit. It’s people were very simple and inviting.

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