Improve Your Business Youtility with Jay Baer [Podcast]

Jay Baer Talks YoutilityThe best marketing is about help, not hype, and you need to create marketing so good people would be willing to pay for it.

So argues Jay Baer, author of the new book Youtility. In this episode of The Marketing Agents Podcast, Jay talks about how businesses can become invaluable to their ideal customers and clients by providing help…marketing one would be willing to pay for. 

Big Ideas:

  • Being found doesn’t create demand, it fulfills it. In other words, while SEO is incredibly valuable, it only helps when someone knows what they are looking for.
  • We compete for attention against the friends and family of our prospects. In the Facebook feed (and everywhere else in social media) we are competing not just against companies providing similar services, but also against photos from a recent picnic, updates from Mom, and everything shared by George Takei.
  • Businesses need to display “radical transparency” in their marketing. Your customers have access to almost all the data in the world…there’s no point in trying to hide information from them.

Show Notes:

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Youtility, the book. As opposed to the musical. Which would be AWESOME! And yes, that’s an affiliate link. 

To learn more about Youtility at the official website

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