How to Use Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business – Chris Ducker

Chris DuckerWould having a Virtual Assistant free you up to grow your business? Chris Ducker thinks so.

Do you ever find yourself thinking there’s just not enough time in the day? Or there are certain tasks in running your business that you hate doing, or you aren’t very good at, or that you shouldn’t be doing any more because they’re keeping you from growing your business?
If that’s the case, a virtual assistant may be your ticket to freeing up your time and succeeding with your business.
This week Chris Ducker stops by and walks us through how you can find and get started with a virtual assistant to free you up to do the work that matters.
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Big Ideas:

  • Decide if you need a Virtual Assistant (VA). Create a three column sheet and label it thusly:
    • What do I do every day that I hate?
    • What are things that I can’t do that will help me grow my business?
    • What should I not be doing any more so I can focus on higher return activities?
  • Chris thinks every entrepreneur needs a “General” VA. Someone to handle your emails, calendar, travel itinerary, transcripts and more.
  • Break in a new VA with a specific project. If you’ve never worked with a VA, or you’re breaking in a new one, give them a very specific project to get to know them.

Show Notes:

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  • ChrisDucker.comWhere you can check out Chris’s great “New Business” blog, podcast and other resources. 
  • Virtual Staff FinderWant to get started with a VA right now? No better place to get some great VA matchmaking services than Virtual Staff Finder.
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