How to Get More People Onboard – Samuel Hulick

Samuel-Hulick-PinterestSo you’ve got a product, and a client base to sell it to, but how do you increase the likelihood that your new users will become successful when adopting your product? Well, you institute the process of User Onboarding, of course!

Happy customers are repeat customers. You’re interaction with your customers shouldn’t just stop once they make their purchase. By instituting User Onboarding, you are using design to make your product’s concept clear to your customers, while helping to remove any of the hiccups along the way during a signup process so that you increase your conversion rate.

Samuel Hulick is passionate about User Onboarding, and has dedicated not only a website to it, but has written numerous articles as well as an entire book about this valuable process. Today he shares with us his insight and experience – previously as a developer – and explains how to inject warmth, personality and personalization into the signup process.

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