How to Get More Followers on Twitter (That Matter)

How to get followers on Twitter (that matter)Do you want to get more followers on Twitter? Build an audience? Drive more qualified leads to your site? Grow your business? 

Then you’re doing it wrong.

Yes, Twitter is a powerful tool for attracting an audience, but if you’re looking to use Twitter to build your business, you have to realize that it’s not just a numbers game. 

Your goal is to attract followers in the same way that you target certain audiences for your business.

I’m not being cold-hearted here, I’m just suggesting that if you want to use Twitter for business, you’ll need to be strategic in how you approach it, and how you go about gathering followers. 

If you sell women’s dresses you don’t spend a lot of time targeting men, do you? If you’re a barber, you wouldn’t take out ads in Bald is Beautiful Quarterly, would you? And if you’re a landscaper you wouldn’t slide brochures under apartment doors, right?

The same is true with Twitter. While there’s nothing wrong with bald men knowing about your barber shop (they may recommend you to a friend), you want to focus on the people you can help most, and who will engage you for business.

In this article you’ll learn the steps to building a Twitter following that builds your business.  Keep reading!