Why Your Title Tags Have to Be More Seductive Than #Bacon

How to Make Your Title Tags More Seductive Than BaconIf your content is a breakfast buffet, your title tags are the bacon.

Nobody shows up to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for the scrambled eggs. Or the wheat bread. Or the yogurt. We come for the bacon. We smell it before we even get into the restaurant.

Or, if we’re making it at home, we hear the pop and sizzle as it cooks up in the pan and our mouths begin to water. The anticipation of bacon is almost as good as the meat itself. (Baconticipation?)

If you’re vegetarian or Kosher you’re just going to have to go with me on this.

Bacon causes people to write music. To decorate their bodies with tattoos. And to wrap less desirable food in its juicy, succulent embrace. 

The bacon is a siren song that gets us belly up to the breakfast bar. And sure, we’ll add waffles, eggs and hash browns to our plate…but only so we don’t look like a bacon junkie.

Likewise, a title tag can tantalize…seduce us into clicking on a link and visiting a website. By crafting succulent, keyword-rich titles you can drive more traffic to your website, your blog, or even your YouTube videos.  Keep reading!

13 Ways SlideShare Helps Build Your Business

SlideShare Marketing: 13 Ways SlideShare Helps Build Your BusinessSlideShare Marketing: How to reach and engage professionals, generate leads and build your business with SlideShare.

One of my favorite new content marketing discoveries is SlideShare, the underappreciated content sharing platform owned by LinkedIn.

It’s actually more of a re-discovery, as I’ve been using the platform for years. However, with some new lead generation tools, measureable ROI (return on investment) for users, and a surge of interest from marketers, I’ve been dedicating more time and resources towards SlideShare over the past couple of months.

If you’ve never heard of SlideShare, think “YouTube for PowerPoint.” However, even if you don’t generally get up in front of a crowd or put on webinars, SlideShare is a powerful platform for reaching more of your ideal customers.

In this article I’ll show you why you need to be using SlideShare, and how to get the most out of it.  Keep reading!

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up in Google?

Why Can't I Find My Site At Google?Is your website invisible to Google? Are you losing traffic and business because Google doesn’t know you exist? If so, read on.

Dear Rich,

We recently launched our website but we’re getting virtually no traffic from Google, and people tell us they can’t find us when they search. 

What are we doing wrong, and how can we get into Google’s good graces?


Dear Invisible,

There are a number of reasons why you’re not finding yourself on Google, ranking well, or getting the traffic you deserve. These problems could be technical, content related, or both.

Are you truly invisible to Google, or are you just ranking poorly? Keep reading!

Blog Marketing: How to Build a Better Blog Post

Blog Marketing: How to Build a Better Blog PostYou know blog marketing is important, but do you feel like your blog isn’t bringing in enough traffic? Or getting enough engagement from your audience?

I want to walk you through the process I often take when creating a blog post. I’m actually writing two posts right now…this one and the one I’ll be using as an example.

I decided to write a blog post on content creation, something we all struggle with. It was going to be a numbered list, (yeah, yeah, I know, you hate numbered lists) with some ideas on how to find new ideas for blogs, online video and email newsletters.

I’ve done similar articles in the past, but nothing for my new venture, The Marketing Agents, so I decided to jump in. Keep reading!

Content Marketing: 13 Ideas for Writing Content Your Audience Wants to Read

13 Content Marketing IdeasYou’ve been told that content marketing and article writing is critical to your online visibility, but you have no idea what content to create.

In this post I’ll share with you thirteen content marketing resources that you can use right away to generate unlimited ideas for content that your ideal customer needs now, next week, and into the future.

Content marketing is not about creating large quantities of content, it’s about creating the right type of content. That means your content needs to answer the biggest questions your prospects are Googling or asking their friends on Facebook.

Keep reading!